Whole Trout en Papillote

I joined a CSF ( Community Supported Fishery)! Every Saturday we get two servings of fresh, sustainably caught seafood from Fair Share CSF, delivered to our door by a very nice young man. Lat week it was the most amazing rock cod, I wish I had taken pictures of the ceviche I made with it but I was too busy eating.

This week we received  a beautiful whole McFarland’s Spring rainbow trout. Look how gorgeous!

Rainbow Trout

We debated cooking preparations for this little guy…grilled on a cedar plank, pan fried in butter? We decided upon baking it with some lovely aromatics in parchment.
Sorry I don’t have photos of the process but I can tell you what I did.

I first rinsed the fish off in cold water and patted it dry with paper towels. Then I scored it 4 times with a sharp knife on one side. I generously salted and peppered the fish inside and out.

Then I got a large sheet of parchment, folded it in half. It was a pretty big trout so I had to lay it lengthwise on a row of lemon slices. Onion slices or spring onions would be nice but I was out so I just used lemon and it turned out great. I stuffed the cavity with fresh herbs. I had rosemary, fennel fronds and celery leaves available so I used those.  then smeared the top (scored side) of the fish with butter and some dill weed. Then I drizzled white wine over all of it and folded the parchment up tight to keep all the steam in. I was concerned the paper wouldn’t stay closed so I also enclosed the whole packet in foil.

I roasted it in a 400 degree over for about 25 minutes. It was a pretty thick fish so I had to cook it for a while. Usually about 10-15 minutes per inch is enough.

When I pulled it out the smell was divine! So herbaceous and delicious. I served it with some homemade dill mayonaise, farro and fennel & cucumber salad. it was so light and tasty!
I enjoyed the cold fish even more the next day, served with the rest of the mayonaise.


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