Soy Eggs

Soy Eggs

Yummy Soy Eggs

I eat 2 boiled eggs for breakfast most days, but they can get a bit boring sometimes.  I love the soy eggs that come with ramen, so decided to make a sort-of version of that. I looked at David Chang’s recipe  and followed the instructions, but decided to make mine a little more vinegary because I like things tangy.  I did not have sherry vinegar so I used a combo of rice vinegar and black vinegar. I subbed Mirin for sugar because I love it.

I used almost 2 cups of liquid total and about half of it was water. I didn’t measure exactly but this is my approximation of the proportions:
Soy Eggs:

  • ½ cup Black Soy Sauce
  • 3 T Mirin
  • 3 T Rice Vinegar
  • 2 T Black Vinegar
  • 1 cup Water

Play around with the proportions till you get the flavor you like.

I brought a pot of water to boil and added 6 eggs, set a timer for 7 minutes. I stirred the eggs gently for the first 2 minutes to  keep the yolks centered.  IMG_3703

When the 7 minutes were up, I scooped the eggs out and put them in an ice bath and waited till they cooled. I peeled them under water and plopped them into their soy bath.

I let them sit in the fridge overnight and ate two for breakfast with a sprinkle of togarashi.

They were pretty tasty and made my breakfast a little more exciting than usual.  They were salty and tangy with perfect, jammy yolks.

When these are gone, which will be soon, I’m going to keep the marinade for the next batch.



Stock your freezer with breakfast burritos for breakfast on the go.

I don’t always eat breakfast I should because but I’m usually happier if I do. I am super lazy and stay in bed till the last minute so any breakfast I manage has to be eaten at my desk. My ideal meal is something I can throw in my lunch bag on my way out the door. Frozen breakfast burritos are perfect.

This is sort of an unusual first post for me because I usually prefer to make everything from scratch but in the name of convenience I used some pre-prepared ingredients this time. I mean really, there are only so many hours in a day.

So this is what I assembled:

  • Large flour tortillas
  • Pre-cut hash browns
  • Veggie sausage (you can use pork or Turkey sausage, I just love fake meat)
  • Grated cheese
  • Fresh red peppers and green onions, chopped
  • Hot sauce

First I cooked the hash browns till crispy and  added salt & pepper.

Hash Browns

Hash Browns

Veggie Sausage

Veggie Sausage

Then browned the sausage.



Then chopped the veggies.

Then made scrambled eggs.

I’d like to stop for a second to talk about scrambled eggs. There is almost nothing more disappointing than dry, hard, tasteless eggs.
To make soft, creamy rich eggs, do this: beat the them with a splash of milk until they are frothy and a consistent sunny yellow. Add salt and pepper.
Melt a knob of butter into a pan over medium-low heat and stir constantly, adding small bits of butter as they cook.  Keep stirring and remove from heat if it looks like it’s cooking too quickly. Your eggs should be creamy and custardy with no big dry curds. Scrape  the sides or bottom constantly. Turn off the heat before it’s quite done and keep stirring. They will cook a little more from the heat of the pan.  Now you have perfect scrambled eggs!



Heat up the tortillas. I like to throw them directly on the gas burner and move them around with my fingers so that they get browned and bubbly all over. You can heat them in a skillet or wrap the whole stack in foil and stick them in the oven.

Fill em up

Fill ’em up!

Al the goodies!

Al the goodies!

Now assemble them. Fill the tortillas will all your ingredients and wrap them up like delicious little packages. Wrap in heavy duty foil and stick them in the freezer.

Burrito Time!

All wrapped up!

The night before you want to take one to work, stick it in the fridge to defrost and then heat up in a toaster oven for about 5-10 minutes or until hot.
Enjoy you ready-made breakfast!